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No Limits CFNM
Presenting to you CFNM without limits. Dedicated to fully clothed women who know no limits when enjoying controlling naked men. We have selected for you some of the best CFNM around where fully clothed women strip men naked then fondle, tease and masturbate them to orgasm
Mon 26 May 2008 04:27 - Naked Male Slave Under My Feet
Lady Scorpio has a new pair of ultra sexy mules green/yellow with silver spiky high heels.
Desperate to try them out as instruments of pain and pleasure, Lady Scorpio uses her favourite male submissive for the purpose.
Instructing him to strip naked and lay face down, Lady Scorpio positions herself on his back
Lady Scorpio then takes great pleasure in digging the sexy spiky high heels mercilessly into his tender male butt and on his back.
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Lady Scorpio is the sort of woman that submissive men dream of, the sort of woman who, when she has a bad day, seeks outs a male to dominate to relieve her wicked temper.

Be that a bad day out shopping or just a day when nothing seems to be going her way.
Lady Scorpio is a truly dominant female who takes great pleasure in the domination of the submissive men who fall willingly under her spell.
Some of her greatest delights are trampling, in high heels of course, spanking, CBT, and face sitting.
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• Posted in Scorpio Clips
Tue 20 May 2008 09:23 - Crime and Punishment
They always say that crime doesn't pay.
I think these guys may argue with that idea as their crimes seem to be paying dividends
Some how I think that after the way these guys are being treated in this prison they will not be reforming their ways.
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• Posted in Jail House CFNM
Sun 18 May 2008 02:59 - Heavenly CFNM
When Matt dies in a car crash, he ends up in heaven.
Head angel Lolly and her student Isabella have been given the task of repeating Matt's most wonderful experience on earth, over and over again for the rest of eternity.
For Matt, this was when he was stripped naked by several girls who then stroked his cock until he came.
Lolly helps Isabella take the dazed Matt's clothes off before instructing her how to touch him to get him hard.
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• Posted in CFNM Parties
Wed 7 May 2008 02:56 - Enjoying Waiters Hotdog
These sexy females are enjoying a luxury spa break and decide to order up some lunch.
When the male waiter arrives they forget all about eating lunch and set their sights on him instead.
Faced with three sexy determined cock hungry females he doesn't stand a chance.
Before long they have him naked and are making a meal out of his naked hotdog!
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• Posted in Working Men
Mon 5 May 2008 02:35 - Sexy Mules Abuse Cock
Lady Scorpio has her male submissive naked on the floor ready for her to abuse.
Wasting no time, Lady Scorpio begins to abuse her male submissives cock and balls with the sexy high heels of her mules.
Teasing him that she is going to have fun and, when he says that he too will have fun, asking him if he is some sort of a pervert who enjoys having his cock and balls abused!
Lady Scorpio has lots of fun giving her male submissive some non-too-gentle kicks in the cock and balls and tells him that she is enjoying his grunts of pain, they add to her enjoyment.
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• Posted in Scorpio Clips
Sat 26 April 2008 02:22 - Tied and Tickled 2
When Brian is fully secured by his hands and ankles Rikki starts to sensuously rub her body teasingly against him.
She pulls away saying she has a quick errand to run.
When Rikki comes back from her errand she finds the girls have arrived and met Brian.
Rikki decides to play with Brian's cock and see if he's worthy.
Soon all three girls are taking advantage of the helpless man but anything is better than being tickled to death.
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• Posted in Indoor CFNM
Sat 19 April 2008 02:21 - Sexy Babes Seduce Courier
Elliot has new  job as a courier but when he turns up to deliver a package to Belle and Katie, it's a package of a different kind that they are interested in.
As Katie opens the door, she can't take her eyes off the bulge in his tight courier's cycling shorts.
Belle isn't happy though as it appears the package has been opened and she blames Elliot.
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Sun 13 April 2008 02:44 - Clothed Females Punish Artist
Sarah and Jen were walking through the park when they came across Andrey with his notepad. "Want me to draw a picture of you two?" Andrey asked.
"Are you really that good?"
"Of course I am!" Andrey answered. "Just watch."
So they posed in front of him while he drew their picture.
Only the picture was a complete joke.
He giggled as he drew them, giving them funny expressions before he showed them his work.
"You think this is funny?" Jen told Andrey. "I'll show you what's funny."
Andrey was quickly relieved of his shirt and drawn on by Jen.
"This is how you look, stupid and naked."
Andrey didn't know what to expect from these two girls, as they drew on him and made him their personal drawing pad.
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CFNM Dogging - Sexual humiliation of naked males by clothed females in a public or semi-public place, especially in parks or outdoors.
Witness shy males burn with shame when a couple of beautiful clothed females strip them naked outdoors where anyone can spy on them.
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• Posted in Outdoor CFNM Fun
Sat 5 April 2008 02:23 - Abused By Prison Guards
This guy has been sentenced to a long sentence in prison for breaking the law.
However he finds himself in rather an unusual prison as this one is staffed totally by female prison guards who enjoy their work.
For they don't abide by the rules that govern other prisons, they have their own set of rules for punishing the males they find within their grasp.
The prisoners in this prison find themselves at the mercy of controlling females clothed in sexy uniforms who take pleasure in stripping the males in their charge naked so they have their brand of wicked CFNM fun with them ...
and they call this punishment?
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 is looking so nervously as his female guard

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• Posted in Jail House CFNM
Mon 31 March 2008 02:35 - White Peeptoe Fun
Lady Scorpio is relaxing on the sofa reading her magazine with her male submissive naked at her feet.
As she reads, she uses her sexy high heel peep toe court shoes (pumps) to tease and torment him, rubbing them all over his vulnerable cock and balls in a carefree footjob.
When her male submissive begins to moan in pain, as her high heels dig into his cock and balls, Lady Scorpio reprimands him telling him that he is distracting her whilst she is trying to read.
After he has laid quiet for a while Lady Scorpio removes one of her shoes and begins to slap his cock with it asking him if he is awake.
Lady Scorpio continues to slap his cock and balls with both the heel and sole of the shoe to make sure that he is awake and not enjoying the footjob too much.
Happy that he is now well awake, Lady Scorpio returns to her magazine and continues the teasing and tormenting footjob on his cock and balls with her sexy high heels.
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• Posted in Scorpio Clips
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